Best Practices using computers

Always keep a back up of important coursework. Under normal circumstances, work will be backed up regularly by ITS (IT Services Department), however, very occasionally there are problems with the network therefore it’s important to keep Saving work. It is best to back up your documents to your U: drive (My Computer) which starts with your student ID number. If you keep regular backups, you will save yourself any worry about losing work.

You can also save your work to a memory stick and these are available to buy from the college shop (Finance).

Always check your work properly before Printing. This will save your print credits.


If you intend using a computer application for coursework which you have not used before, make sure you allow yourself plenty of ‘learning time’. Some applications are not easy to use and you will need time to familiarise yourself with the basics before embarking on coursework. Seek advice from your teachers before starting.

If you intend working on your computer at home as well as on the computers at college, make sure that the applications you are using at home are compatible with those at college. Files created on an AppleMac will not be accessible on LRC computers. Ask your teacher or ITS for advice.

Computer booking

You can ask the LRC staff to book a computer for you in the LRC in advance for when you need to use it. Remember that you are more likely to find a free computer first thing in the morning and last thing in the afternoon. The LRC is open from 8.30am- 4.30pm.

Computers in the Private Study area are self-service in the morning up to 12.15pm and once again in the afternoon after 2.30pm. Between 12.15 and 2.30pm you will need to have your Student ID card in order to use a computer.