College email

All students are given a college email account and the guidelines are:

  • Always use your college account for college business.
  • Always check your inbox regularly so that you don’t miss important messages.
  • Always delete unwanted emails to stop your inbox getting full – right click Deleted Items and select Empty Folder to get rid of them permanently after you delete them.
  • Never use your college email account to send unwanted or rude messages to other students or staff!

Once you have logged onto a college computer you will see an icon on the desktop labelled ‘Long Road Mail’. Use this to access your email.

Your email address is your 5 or 12 digit ID number followed by, i.e.

Check your college e-mail regularly – staff will use it to communicate with you and you may miss important course information if your mailbox is full.

You can contact all members of staff by email. All teachers have college e-mail addresses formed by their initial and surname, e.g.