Saving your work at college

PC Users only

You can save your work on:

  • Your U: drive (also called ‘My Files’ or labelled with your 5 or 12 digit Student ID) on the network.
  • A USB stick. You are advised to back up all of your work by copying to your U: drive.
  • Microsoft One Drive (Cloud Storage) – login to and choose OneDrive

Please note:

  • The U: Drive is the best place to store your documents, as a backup is done 4 times daily, so if you have an issue with your file(s) there is more of a chance of getting it back!

  • Never start editing a document from an email or website without doing a Save As to the U: drive (‘My Files’) first.
  • Always copy work from a USB stick to the U: drive, otherwise it will not get backed up. If your stick goes wrong (and they do) you will lose your files if you don’t do this!

The first time you save a document you must tell the computer what you want the document to be called and where you want it saved.

  • Go to File and Save As. The Save As dialog box will appear.
  • Type the name of the document in the File name box.

If you wish to save files on the college network, you should save them on your U: drive (also called ‘My Files’ or labelled with your 5 or 12 digit Student ID). To find this folder, click on the downward arrow to the right of the Save in box, a list of all the different drives will appear. The drives are listed in alphabetical order.

  • If you want to save to your U: drive on the network, double click on your U: drive. The name of your U: drive will be your Student ID card number. (Create a separate folder within the U: drive for each of the subjects you are studying).
  • When you have named your document and opened the folder in which it is to be stored, click Save.

Once you have given your document a name and place to be stored in, you only need to select Save from then on. The new version of the document will replace the older one.

Alternatively, click on the toolbar to save.

MAC Users only

All students that log into the MAC computers with their college login and password need to save all their documents, images, video or sound files to the Documents folder which appears as your 5 or 12 digit student number on the Dock next to the trash.  This ensures your files are saved to your network location and will be available from any MAC or PC around the college.  These files are also backed up should you lose them or make a mistake.