Student Advantage PC Instructions

Ensure you are on the PC you wish to install the software on


This takes you to the Office365 Portal Page.

Login with your student id followed by

for example if your student id was 54321 or the newer numbering DEA201601234 you would enter either or

Enter you college email password.

This takes you to the Office 365 Settings Page, which is similar to below:










Click on the install now option and this will download a setup file

Open this file to continue setup click Next.

Select Use recommended settings and Click Accept

Choose Sign In

You will need to enter your student id followed by as the email address.  Click Next.

Then you will be asked for user ID and password.

The user ID is your student id followed by and then you password is your college password.  Click Sign In

Click Next

You will be greeted and asked if you want to skin your office?

Make a selection and choose Next

Take a look?  Choose No, thanks and then click All done!

Office programs are now ready to use.

Your 1tb of One Drive Cloud storage is also now ready

In order the software to maintain functionality, your PC needs to connect to the Internet at least once per month

If you have any issues with installation of the software, please either email IT Services – or pop by our office in room C120 (upstairs C Block) where we will be happy to assist you.

 Help using Office365

*The subscription is only valid whilst the student is enrolled and studying at Long Road Sixth Form College, once the student finishes their course the software is set to reduced functionality  mode and the student will be required to purchase an upgrade product to continue using the software.