Add Print Credits

You can buy print credits in the following way:

  • Go to the Finance Office/College Shop.
  • For a minimum payment of £1, you will be given a VOUCHER.
  • Log on to a college computer and open up Internet Explorer.
  • Either type http://COLL-PRINT in the Address bar and press Enter or click on the print credit server link on the Moodle front page.
  • Log in to the print credit server (called PaperCut) with your normal username and password.


Print Server Box

  • Click on Redeem Card on the left hand side and enter the code on your print credit voucher. 0 is alwayszeroletters are always capital and dashes must be included.


Reedem Card


Enter Code

  • Then click on Redeem Card.

When buying print credits, state if you are purchasing print credits for use in rooms C15 (for Photography) or F10 (for Art), as you will need to take your receipt to the appropriate room to have the credits logged.

Make sure you top-up your print credits in good time if you need to print out coursework for a deadline. If you leave it to the last minute and the shop is closed, you will be out of luck!