Managed Print Services

A copy of the instructions can be downloaded from here

Check out our new video tutorial below.


Followme Printing Video Tutorial


To use these printers you need to print your documents to one of the following Printers:

  • FOLLOWME-BW for Black and White Documents
  • FOLLOWME-COL for Colour Documents


You can then release your document with your student card, using the card reader on the device. You can also release any documents sent to the above printers at the following locations:

  • Student Centre
  • LRC—Private Study
  • LRC—Computer Room
  • Design & Technology (F Block)
  • Art (F Block)
  • Downstairs D Block
  • Downstairs G Block
  • Upstairs G Block
  • C4 (Downstairs C Block)
  • Upper Crush (Upstairs C Block)


Instructions for FOLLOWME Printing


Print your work to one of the following followme printers:


\\COLL-PRINT\FOLLOWME-BW  for Black and White Documents


\\COLL-PRINT\FOLLOWME-COL for Colour Documents.


Now go to one of the FOLLOWME Copiers located around college.


On arrival you will see the Start option on the display.



Press Start to continue.

Now press the Swipe Card option


Hold your ID card against the card reader on the front of the copier until it beeps.

Now press Release Held Print Jobs



Your print jobs are now listed ( an example is shown below)



You have two options.

You can choose to print each job by selecting it individually or

You can press the Print All button and print all your jobs


Any jobs not printed in a 24 hour period will be deleted and you will not be charged.


Press OK to print your jobs.  They will now print and can be collected underneath.

Remember to Logout after printing.


Printing Costs for Managed Print Services (FOLLOWME)


Managed Print Costs

Copies made using the copier function are charged at the same rates.

There is no cost for scanning to email.

Documents are held on the print queues for 24 hours and then deleted.

You are not charged until you release and print your documents.

Other Printers in the college are charged at the normal rates.