FOLLOWME Scan to Email

A PDF copy of the instructions can be downloaded here

Use one of the FOLLOWME Copiers located around college.

Place your documents to be scanned in either the Auto Sheet feeder or lift the lid and place directly on the glass.

Now on the display will see the Start option on the display.




Press Start to continue.

Now press the Swipe Card option


Hold your ID card against the card reader on the front of the copier until it beeps.

Now press Use Copier Functions


The following screen appears and displays your current print credit balance.


Press OK to continue.

Select Address Book from the right hand side.


Select Global Address Search from the right hand side

Type your username (for students this is the 5 digit number on your ID Card) for staff this is your surname.


Press the search button.

Your username will be shown in the middle of the screen.


Touch to select



Now press the To button


Your username will appear in the top portion of the screen.

Now press eithe the Black and White button for the scan to be in Black and White or the Colour button for the scan to be in Colour

Your document(s) will be scanned and the scan(s) will be delivered to the email address you selected.

Remember to remove your documents and logout after scanning.

There is no cost for scanning to email.