Printing in Colour

In the LRC, Student Centre, Design & Technology & Art you can print both A4 and A3 in colour. Colour printing costs 7p per page for A4 and 14p per page for A3.

How to identify the colour printers


Compressing images

It is best to compress your images in order to reduce the colour printing times. Taking the following steps will make things much quicker for you:

  • Left click one of your images in the document
  • Right click to select Picture Toolbar
  • Select Compress images
  • Click All images in document
  • Click Apply and you are ready to print.

Printing A3 colour

  • Select the printer first – \\COLL-PRINT\FOLLOWME-COL
  • In the bottom right hand side of the print window you will see the option to “Scale to paper size”. Select this and choose ISO A3 from the drop-down list.
  • Go to “Properties” and go through each tab in turn, sizing to ISO A3 wherever required.
  • Your document will now be sized up to A3 and is ready to print.
  • You will be able to select “Print Preview” in the Finishing tab and have a look at your work in A3 before you go ahead and print.