Printing Problems

There are a number of reasons why your work might not print.

It could be that you have run out of print credits.

You will not be able to start a printing job if there are insufficient print credits to finish the job. Go to the Printing page to find out how to get print credits.

It could be that your document is set to the wrong page size.

Your page size should be set to A4. To check whether it is or not, go to File and Page Setup.

  • Select Paper Size.
  • A4 should be the paper size selected in the Paper Size box.
  • Select A4 and click OK.

To print in A3 you need to size your work up through File, Print

The first step is to go to File, Print and select the A3 printer, one of the following

  • In the bottom right hand side of the print window you will see the option to “Scale to paper size”. Select this and choose ISO A3 from the drop-down list.
  • Go to “Properties” and go through each tab in turn, sizing to ISO A3 wherever required.
  • Your document will now be sized up to A3 and is ready to print.
  • You will be able to select “Print Preview” in the Finishing tab and have a look at your work in A3 before you go ahead and print.

Other reasons why your work isn’t printing:

  • The printer isn’t switched on!
  • The document is quite big – maybe it contains a lot of graphics and it’s taking the printer a long time to process it. Images should be compressed to reduce printing times. Left click on any image, then right click to select picture toolbar. Click on “compress images” and select “All images in document” then “Apply”.
  • There’s no paper in the printer!
  • The network is down.


You can see whether or not your document is in the printer queue by selecting Settings/Printers from the Start menu. By double clicking on the Printer icon, you can see the print jobs in the queue. You can cancel your own print jobs from here if you have printed by mistake. However, if you cancel a print job you will still be charged unless it is on the FOLLOWME Printers, in which case you will not be charged

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